Born and raised in South Florida, Rahjanni's early years were spent as the oldest of five, watching her parents continuously serve their community in ministry. This foundation would later shape her path in profound ways.

Her introduction to the military came as a young adult when she enlisted in the United States Army, embarking on a journey that would define much of her life. As a Military Intelligence Analyst and paratrooper in the Special Operations community, Rahjanni faced the rigors of military service, exposing her to the harsh realities of combat and its toll on mental well-being.

Throughout her military career, Rahjanni witnessed firsthand the struggles of her comrades with post-traumatic stress, substance use disorder, and thoughts of suicide. In 2013, tragedy hit her front door when her first husband, an Active Duty Service Member, completed suicide, leaving her widowed at 26. His suicide was one of many taking place in her unit in a short amount of time. These experiences ignited a passion within her to make a difference and provide support to those who served alongside her.

A month after leaving the military, Rahjanni enrolled at Broward College in pursuit of specialized training to tackle the pervasive mental health issues within the veteran community. She immersed herself in the Social Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Professional Enhancement Program (PEP). Upon completion, Rahjanni pursued a master's in Social Work at Florida Atlantic University, diligently refining her expertise in counseling and therapy to better serve her fellow veterans.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to her fellow Veterans, Rahjanni joined Banyan Treatment Centers, a renowned institution dedicated to addiction recovery and mental health treatment. Here, she serves as a Military and Veteran Liaison for the Military and Veterans in Recovery (MVR) Program, which allows her to engage in the community, develop programming, and advocate for change, directly impacting the lives of those who have served their country.

Alongside her husband John, their adopted son Preston, and twin daughters Adalyne and Harper, Rahjanni remains rooted in South Florida and is dedicated to serving their community through ministry.